I’m a Celebri-Dot!

I am a Celebri-Dot!! (Please note the double exclamation marks — I am so honored and excited.)


Allow me to direct you to award-winning children’s author and illustrator Peter Reynolds‘ amazing idea to connect kids around the world with the authors and illustrators who write and draw the books they read. It’s an online movement full of humor and grace revolving around International Dot Day (September 15th), and based upon Reynolds’ best-selling book, The Dot.

Some of my absolute favorite children’s authors and illustrators are on the Celebri-Dot list — I cannot say again how honored I am to be among them. I was invited to submit a Dot for my book, Sometimes the Moon. My Dot is now up! I’m officially a Celebri-Dot!

(Happy dance time! Happy Dot dance time!)

The point of the Celebri-Dots movement is to encourage our youngest authors and illustrators to “Make Their Mark.” To start with something, anything — even a tiny dot — and go from there. I hope you’ll visit the Celebri-Dots site and enjoy all the Dots submitted by authors, illustrators and celebrities (and me!). If you are a teacher, check out the FableVision site founded by Reynolds to help bring creativity to the classroom.

I’ll leave you with my Dot. And a big THANK YOU for your encouragement and support!

Celebri-Dots Melissa Morse1


28 thoughts on “I’m a Celebri-Dot!

  1. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your work! You’re a great storyteller and artist (and mommy). I love reading your books to our kids 🙂


  2. In my opinion, no one deserves special recognition more than you, Melissa! Congrats on this newest achievement. My hope for you is that your sweet, sweet books bless tons of little ones and their parents all over the world. (And I’m doing the happy dance with you too!)


  3. Well deserved is the echo through these comments and so very true. Well done, Melissa – and enjoy this moment, you have earned it at every little (and big) step along the way! I absolutely love the sound of a ‘Celebri-Dot’, what fun!


  4. I am really so happy and proud of you! And it’s like totally awesome to have a celebrity in the family! 🙂 way to go!!!


  5. I love this, so full of fun and joy – congratulations! Not to miss the fact that I hear, I get, that this is quite a serious achievement -hats off to you! I love the idea of starting with a dot…because a dot is also a tiny circle and any little circle, the tiniest of pebbles, creates ripples when it’s dropped into the ocean…including the ocean of social media I’m sure:-) How great that you have such a supportive sister, and I wish you much MUCH joy and reveling in your new found dottiness:-) Blessings, Harula xxxx


    1. What’s also so full of fun and joy is your comment, Harula! 🙂 Leave it to you to make such a beautiful analogy of dots and pebbles. I think that’s lovely. And YES! My sister is the absolute best.


  6. Melissa, you already were a celebrity in the very best sense of the word. Rather than going around celebrating yourself, you spread stories, insights, ideas, and wisdom that give others a reason to celebrate themselves — and life. It’s quite a gift. Congratulations.


  7. Congratulations! I’m glad we can celebrate people like you who are doing wonderful, creative, encouraging things. Sometimes our culture can get so caught up in celebrating the wrong things. You really are a true celebrity in the best sense!


  8. And you spoke to me about “magic.” “Magic” is believing in yourself thereby others believe in you and then you inspire that in others. As Charles said above, you have a gift. Congratulations!


  9. The Celebri-Dots movement sounds like a great idea and encouragement for young authors and illustrators. And of course congratulation with becoming an official Celebri-Dot yourself. As Adam points out you are a very talented story teller in the broadest sense of the word.


    1. Otto, you are too kind. I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments — you have brought a smile to my face for sure, this Mother’s Day.


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