The Please Mommy Parade

Her tiny voice comes from the side of my bed. Her wispy hair outlined by a faint morning glow. I hear her speaking before my mind wakes up. On and on she goes, talking as if I’m fully awake, when in reality in the dark under the covers all I have is a happy sensation that I’m still sleeping and hearing some sweet sound.

My daughter’s voice.


Doesn’t matter what she’s asking me, I just like the way she sounds. She’s no longer “free,” as she was when she was one less than four, but her tone still carries the whimsy of her tiny body. Hopes for lollipops, glue sticks and bike rides at the top of her brain.

Most mornings she wakes me up. Asking for scotch tape, or for me to look at her eye which hurts, or can she please have a cookie before breakfast. It’s what I call the Please Mommy Parade. AKA my alarm clock. You know — all the things in vital need of an answer at 6 A.M.

“Please Mommy, tell Daddy that he said he’s going to play chase with me!”

“Please Mommy, can I wear my new bathing suit to swim lessons next week?”

“Please Mommy, I broke that thing you had on the top of the other thing.”

Morning after morning my own mind stretches through the swirl of waking up and making sense out of what she’s saying. But usually she’s gone, hopped off to another adventure before I even sit up. And I’m left to meld my dream-state consciousness with whatever noises I hear following her down the hall. It’s actually quite a nice way to wake up. If confusing.

And loads better than how she likes to approach my husband when he’s catching a weekend nap on the sofa.

Bundled head to toe in a heap of blankets, her head a mound underneath, she’ll slip around the corner and then launch herself next to him screaming, “Surprise!”


19 thoughts on “The Please Mommy Parade

  1. Hahahaha! I love the element of surprise at the end! And if anyone can get to the heart of a child and the reactions of a loving Mommy, you are it. I can hear your little girl’s sweet “Please Mommy” voice. How lucky you are to have such a delightful alarm clock. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Dor! I love how you put that — to the heart of a child. I take that as a huge compliment! 🙂 And yes, I am lucky indeed.


  2. So lovely, Melissa, what a sweet encapsulation of your daughter’s voice and her endless stream of questions. Love the sting in the tail for your husband! 🙂


    1. It was priceless, Dagne. 🙂 And if there’s one thing my little girl is never low on, it’s questions. At least I can answer most of them! I do hope that stays true as she grows.


  3. Oh goodness, the same little one who said “Sometimes I fall when I’m talking.” I’ll never forget that. And now the “Mommy parade.” Love it. I know you will keep us posted.


    1. Georgette — you are good! Yes, I remember how much you liked that post. 🙂 And it’s so sweet you recall what she said! “My little entertainment show,” I call her.


  4. What a great ending, although I wouldn’t want to be your husband either! Oh, those little voices awakening us in the morning are ones to be cherished. You know sometimes I still wake up in the mornings thinking that I heard an urgently whispered, “Mom!” It makes me smile. 🙂


    1. So true, Charles! And I swear, that’s exactly how she said it. To be fair, of course, I’ve heard those exact words far more than once. And yet I still ask my husband, “why does everything we have end up broken?”


  5. What a lovely way to wake up – even if it feels confusing. And what a sweet daughter – although I see some malicious tendencies in the way she wakes up your husband. 🙂 All for fun, though, isn’t it.


    1. Definitely, Otto! All for fun. 🙂 And yes, it is a lovely way to wake up, indeed. I guess children know which parents to go to for which things, right?


  6. Your daughter reminds me so much of my little Emmy. They would get along so well. 🙂 A child’s inquisitive mind and spontaneity fascinates and inspires me to live our moments and have fun even if I’m running on less that 5 hours sleep. Great post!


  7. This was such a sweet lovely post, I used to love this time of the morning when my kids were little, now the youngest is 12 and our times like this are fleeting …


    1. Thank you! I sure do treasure the little things my children say. And I’ve learned that having a blog is such a great way to remember them! Happy to have brought some sweet memories your way as well. 🙂


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