The Phenomenon of the Soccer Mom

Endlessly ridiculed, openly mocked — the ubiquitous Soccer Mom holds her place in our society as often nothing more than a sounding board for ill-intentioned observations. Scorned for being too prepared, too eager, too helpful, too pretty and too nice, Soccer Mom shrugs off this derisive mantle and keeps going.

I am Mr. X

I slid my plastic cup across the scuffed wooden table. Making room to open the playing board. Chairs scraped over the floor as my sister and a friend took their seats. The window behind the table open. Facing the front yard we’d just left.

Don’t Tell Mommy!

His little hand, still with baby dimples for knuckles, nicked a pointy-edged Transformer from my grasp, and with a quick mix of spins and elbow grease turned it from a robot into a car. Officially marking one of the first moments I gave my husband, “the eyes.”